Ten Signs

August 17, 2017

“Top 10 signs you may be too involved in Bitcoin 1.) Your mining rig has doubled as a heater in winter. 2.) You met a local bitcoin seller in person at a Starbucks and paid in cash before you became established at an exchange. 3.) You stayed up 3 hours past your bedtime just to get continued endorphin rushes while watching the bitcoinity graph flash “All Time High!” 4.) You have a serious distaste for the word “tulips”. 5.) You know the exchange rate for the Yuan. 6.) You’ve used the term “you’ve been goxed”. 7.) You knew what DPR stood for before the Silk Road bust. 8.) You doubled your investment in 3 weeks and wondered if there was anything you could have done more efficiently. 9.) You’ve kicked yourself numerous times for selling bitcoins below $100. 10.) You put more time in reading up on bitcoins than you put in doing homework.” -btcprice

Posted by Ben B